How can we help you

Understanding how to market your business to reach your customers is an evolutionary process. So many business owners not only don’t understand this but don’t have time to execute this. We can create your marketing strategy and execute for you, leaving you to run your business.

Brand Audit

What is it? What does it stand for?



Marketing Audit

What are you doing? How do you measure it?


Online Presence

Review your online presence and strategy. How do your customers find you


Social Media

What’s your strategy? Do you have a consistent message? Do you get engagement with your customers?



How are you currently reaching new and existing clients? Do you have a story to tell?


Customer Retention

Are your customers referring others? What level of repeat business do you achieve?


Andrew’s strategy, easy going manner and his attitude towards accountability and a positive culture set NSHS apart and helped us grow into the school we are today.. “